Wait, Don’t Throw Out That Pumpkin! Watch Nicolette Pace on Fox and Friends For Tasty Tips!


Did you know that approximately 280,312,500 pounds of pumpkin gets wasted every Fall season? That’s about one pound of pumpkin per person living in the U.S.A.   In this economy we need to take advantage of every healthy opportunity when we have junk food all around us.  What many people don’t know is that this Native American crop is super high in nutrients and is very versatile.  I appeared on Fox & Friends to share and demonstrate three unique ways to cook pumpkin (mentioned below) that are not only delicious and healthy to eat, but fun to make with the whole family. Make sure to check out my recipes page for more details and save the pumpkin!

· Crispy Baked Pumpkin Chips: Native Americans roasted strips of pumpkin over a fire…you can do the same by baking them right in your oven and get with the hot trend of making healthier snack foods.

· Pumpkin Harvest Salad: This nutritious cool weather salad includes roasted pumpkin, toasted pumpkin seeds, seasonal spinach, cranberries and a homemade pomegranate dressing. For an extra pumpkin boost top it off with your pumpkin chips for a perfectly inspired pumpkin salad!

· Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip: Move over kiddies! Family favorite Smores just got a nutrition face lift! Go grown up with a to-die-for pumpkin cheesecake dip that’s simple to make and even better to eat.  Sandwich the dip between classic graham crackers and sliced crisp apples.

Eat Healthy! Be Happy!

Nicolette M. Pace MS,RD,CDE,CDN,CFCS

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