Therapy Services

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Diabetes Self Management Training
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Therapy for Weight Loss Surgery
  • Clinical Weight Loss Programs
  • Workshops,Small Group Training & Support Groups
  • Showroom & Product Center


Medical Nutrition Therapy

This is ultimate in one on one nutrition counseling and education that emphasizes how you can control and improve your health and medical conditions by making simple, yet meaningful changes in your diet and lifestyle.  Utilizing an individualized approach, medical training, state of the art research and nutrition expertise, you receive the tools you need to bring about positive changes in you.   With a track record like that many insurance companies offer payment for our services.

Diabetes Self Management Training

Diabetes requires specialized skill in order to bring about improvements in your metabolism and help you to correct and manage the condition effectively. Whether you are just learning of problems in your blood sugar or have had the condition for many years, sign up for the training you need to help put you in the driver’s seat. Depending on your medical history you may be able to realize a full reversal of this condition.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Therapy for Weight Loss Surgery

If you are considering bariatric surgery, this program is tailored to help you get the most out of the surgery to maximize your weight loss and keep it off.  Our expertise shines as we have served well over several thousand patients and have become full service to better serve you. From pre-surgical evaluations, losing weight and detoxing your diet even before your surgery to structured follow-up care after, you are on your way to a new you!

Clinical Weight Loss Programs

This is an advanced non-surgical nutrition and lifestyle program that will help you to generate weight loss. Integration with your medical conditions, eating habits and lifestyle is cornerstone to care. Our on-site showroom can help you to understand and navigate your way through meal planning options and menu selection. Group sessions and weekly visits are offered to help you improve your ability to stay on target and overcome the obstacles in our lives today, while providing support and reinforce the positive changes that bring about a healthy daily routine.

Workshops, Small Group Training

Expand your horizons and take advantage of connecting with others at various meetings scheduled over the month to help you hone in on specific target areas, provide new skills, expand your mind and give you the confidence you need to succeed.

Showroom & Product Center

Visit our on-site services center to get menu ideas and learn how to use diet products effectively to help you on your way to your health goals.  Recipes, tips, samples, and tasting sessions are all available and scheduled at various times throughout the month.

For more information or questions, please use the contact form below.


  1. With childhood otibesy on the rise and adult otibesy at rediculously high levels more and more people have taken an interest in eating healthy and more nutritous foods. I agree with Amanda in that most people have that awful image in their heads of their parents forcing them to eat more nutritous food that usually tasted aweful. Today there are so many ways to easily and deliciously that it is sad that so many people still struggle with it. With so many people making fast food chains at least one meal a day, are the options for nutritous food really that good for you? Or are they loaded with preservatives to stay looking fresh?

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