Spring Detox Tips With Probiotics

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Its that time of year again when we want to chase out the winter blahs and blues so we can look and feel great. This Spring, check out the many ways probiotic bacteria can help you enjoy good health.

I recently appeared on Emotional Mojo where I discuss how your gut bacteria can improve your nutrient profile, improve your skin and hydration, strengthen your bones, fight fat, and manage your cravings!

And be sure to visit my recipe page for a super healthy probiotic dish to help you detox this Spring!



How Bacteria in Your Body Can Make You Fat


The battle of the bulge just got a little bit bigger. It’s no secret that fighting fat is hard and even harder to fix in the long term. Read on and check out my latest CBS NY segment for more on this great topic!

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Even if you eat less and move more your work can still be cut out for you, especially if you don’t have the right bacteria on your side. A growing body of research is pointing toward how certain bacteria can make you fat and make it even harder for you to lose weight.

Our body is a collection of bacteria, most of which are good, helping our body run smoothly and fight off disease. But the 10% that are not, are notorious fat-loving bacteria which have been discovered to be far more common in people who have weight problems.

Fat loving bacteria live in your gut and release toxins that can negatively affect certain genes involved in fat activation and breakdown. This in turn leads to more fat. These gut bugs also spit off inflammatory chemicals that increase your risk of cancer and other nasty conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

Fat loving bacteria are super hungry and very efficient at extracting and storing calories in you so they can survive. It’s a vicious cycle that can make it hard for you to manage your appetite as fullness signals are interrupted and hunger management is even more difficult.

The good news is that this may be fixable. You can starve your fat bugs by reducing calories. As you lose weight the proportion of lean bacteria improves. There are promising studies done in mice showing that transferring lean bacteria to obese mice led to their weight loss. While this is still experimental, in the meantime you can work to change your gut flora naturally.

But before you reach for a bottle of probiotics or start gobbling down yogurt, realize that there are many healthy strains of good bacteria that your body needs. Their specific role for various conditions is not yet determined so it’s best to look to a wide range of food sources to cover your bases.

The key to finding healthful probiotic bacteria comes from the age old practice of fermenting foods for preservation. Many cultures have their own unique food product that was routinely used in their diet. These foods provide nutrients, introduce healthful strains of bacteria, guard against illness, fight inflammation and may have contributed to a lean physique by fighting off fat loving bacteria.

You can find healthy bacteria in a wide range of foods, herbals and botanicals. Some are quite common like yogurt, kefir, leben, ayran, fermented cheeses, miso, tempeh, kimchi, barrel cured sauerkraut, aged unfiltered vinegars and kombucha tea, while others may still be considered relatively exotic and need to be purchased at ethnic markets.

Bring on the bugs but don’t forget to feed your little lean critters with their preferred food. Prebiotic foods give your healthful bacteria the energy to grow and colonize in your body. Switch out refined sugars and starches for fibrous plant foods. Top food sources include beans, legumes, sulfur rich cabbage family foods, onions, garlic, field greens like chickory and dandelion, bran, wheat berries, buckwheat, oats, flax, tomatoes, kiwi, cherries and berries.

Show your fat bacteria the door! In just a few days fighting fat just got easier as you put lean bacteria to work for a new you.  Check out the latest medical news on CBS NY!

Eat healthy! Be Happy!

Nicolette Pace



Nicolette Sets the Pace on How to Curb Rapid Eating with CBS NY

eating on the run

How fast you eat impacts how much you eat. In fact studies show that it’s worth your while to put the brakes on fast eating to help control portions so you can lose weight.

Eating fast is one of the most common habits people with weight problems face. Even though the body has an intricate signaling system to alert you as to when you’ve had enough, a 24/7 lifestyle can override these subtle suggestions and you end up wolfing down your meal.

Given these findings, a reasonable argument can be made for boosting your natural stop eating signals. While medications to help your gut hormones send out stronger messages and enhance satiety are under investigation, you could turn to technology for a drug free solution.

Innovative gadgets that promise to help you slow down your eating pace so that nature can take over are available. Whether you choose a beeping fork or a wristband that counts your bites, real time data and feedback on your habit can help you curb countless calories when you stop and savor your meal.

Take a look at my recent segment with CBS NY where I review these tools in action and see if taking matters into your own hand with mindful eating can reset the pace can for a new you!

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Nicolette Pace on NBC Daytime Boost Your Mood with Food

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Are you in a mood? No one likes feeling rotten and irritable and neither do the people who around you!

But, we’re only human and feeling irritable or angry once in while is inevitable. Luckily, there’s an easy and delicious solution to cure your bad mood blues!  Check out my recent appearance on NBC Daytime  and also be sure to check out my radio broadcast with the Town of North Hempstead where you can learn why some foods can ruin your mood while others can can literally put you over the top and in a happy mood for good!


Eat healthy!  Be Happy!

Nicolette Pace

Eat Healthy! Be Happy!

Sex Therapy with Food

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 2.37.43 PMFeeling like a night of passion but are too pooped to play?

You may not realize it but sex therapy can start with foods that have proven benefits to improve sex drive, blood flow and pleasure.

The 3 phases to great sex involve a complex relationship between amino acids and hormones for the ultimate mind- body interaction. You can ignite this process and fire up the finish by changing what you eat and focus on improving the ratio of protein to carbs. There’s no room for feeling sleepy at performance time so next time why not involve sexy superfoods for an encounter you’ll never forget.

Take a look at my recent appearance on ABC Action News where you can see how easy it is to work in these diet power ups for healthy great sex!

Nicolette Pace

Eat Healthy! Be Happy!

Detox Your Breakfast with Nicolette Pace


Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day but it can also be a meal that starts you out on the wrong foot. For people on the go, breakfast cereals are very popular. They are convenient, tasty and promise good health.

Do you think your breakfast cereal measures up to good health?  Think again.  Learn how 5 typical breakfast cereals can bust your diet, slow your metabolism, build body fat, and drain your pocketbook by going overboard on sugar, fat, calories, flavoring additives or having low values of key nutrients like fiber and protein.

Want to learn more? Check out my recent appearance on the Morning Show on News 4 Jax and see my tips and tools section for some guidelines on what to look out for so you can make this day great from the start.

Eat Healthy! Be Happy!

Nicolette Pace on News 4 Jax: Food Cures for What Ails You

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At one time or another millions of Americans may complain of feeling under the weather from some very common ailments. If you’re suffering from a cold, flu symptoms, headaches, indigestion or high blood pressure, you might want to look to your pantry instead of the medicine cabinet.

There are certain foods that you can add to your daily diet to help you solve some of these common problems.  Check out my segment on News 4 Jax where you can find the good news food remedy to cure what ails you.

Eat Healthy!  Be Happy!

Nicolette M. Pace

Wait, Don’t Throw Out That Pumpkin! Watch Nicolette Pace on Fox and Friends For Tasty Tips!


Did you know that approximately 280,312,500 pounds of pumpkin gets wasted every Fall season? That’s about one pound of pumpkin per person living in the U.S.A.   In this economy we need to take advantage of every healthy opportunity when we have junk food all around us.  What many people don’t know is that this Native American crop is super high in nutrients and is very versatile.  I appeared on Fox & Friends to share and demonstrate three unique ways to cook pumpkin (mentioned below) that are not only delicious and healthy to eat, but fun to make with the whole family. Make sure to check out my recipes page for more details and save the pumpkin!

· Crispy Baked Pumpkin Chips: Native Americans roasted strips of pumpkin over a fire…you can do the same by baking them right in your oven and get with the hot trend of making healthier snack foods.

· Pumpkin Harvest Salad: This nutritious cool weather salad includes roasted pumpkin, toasted pumpkin seeds, seasonal spinach, cranberries and a homemade pomegranate dressing. For an extra pumpkin boost top it off with your pumpkin chips for a perfectly inspired pumpkin salad!

· Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip: Move over kiddies! Family favorite Smores just got a nutrition face lift! Go grown up with a to-die-for pumpkin cheesecake dip that’s simple to make and even better to eat.  Sandwich the dip between classic graham crackers and sliced crisp apples.

Eat Healthy! Be Happy!

Nicolette M. Pace MS,RD,CDE,CDN,CFCS

Aging Breakthrough! Listen In…


New research can help you to understand how to fight aging from the inside out.

Beauty is skin deep but DNA damage is on a cellular level. It’s important to understand how to recognize the top aging offenders and how to develop the discipline to build a healthy daily routine that will keep you young and vibrant.

Listen in to my interview with the Town of North Hempstead Project Independence Radio Show as I dispel the myths and describe what it takes to improve your health once and for all.

Nicolette Pace on CBS In The Kitchen: Superfoods For Kids

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Nutritionist Nicolette Pace stopped by the CBS 2 studios to talk about ways to jump start your child’s day the healthy way. Check out her latest “In The Kitchen” spot that discusses superfoods your kids will love, as well as an easy, delicious and healthy granola recipe that’s a yummy substitution for sugary cereal. Kid approved!

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