Nicolette Sets the Pace on How to Curb Rapid Eating with CBS NY

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How fast you eat impacts how much you eat. In fact studies show that it’s worth your while to put the brakes on fast eating to help control portions so you can lose weight.

Eating fast is one of the most common habits people with weight problems face. Even though the body has an intricate signaling system to alert you as to when you’ve had enough, a 24/7 lifestyle can override these subtle suggestions and you end up wolfing down your meal.

Given these findings, a reasonable argument can be made for boosting your natural stop eating signals. While medications to help your gut hormones send out stronger messages and enhance satiety are under investigation, you could turn to technology for a drug free solution.

Innovative gadgets that promise to help you slow down your eating pace so that nature can take over are available. Whether you choose a beeping fork or a wristband that counts your bites, real time data and feedback on your habit can help you curb countless calories when you stop and savor your meal.

Take a look at my recent segment with CBS NY where I review these tools in action and see if taking matters into your own hand with mindful eating can reset the pace can for a new you!

Eat Healthy! Be Happy!

Nicolette Pace on CBS In The Kitchen: Superfoods For Kids

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Nutritionist Nicolette Pace stopped by the CBS 2 studios to talk about ways to jump start your child’s day the healthy way. Check out her latest “In The Kitchen” spot that discusses superfoods your kids will love, as well as an easy, delicious and healthy granola recipe that’s a yummy substitution for sugary cereal. Kid approved!

Be healthy! Be Happy!

The Best Fatigue Fighting Foods as Seen on CBS New York

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Still feeling tired after getting a decent night’s sleep?  You might think that your stressful lifestyle is to blame but what may surprise you is that many foods we commonly reach for can make the problem worse. Check out my recent appearance on CBS New York where I gave the 411 on which foods actually help to reverse fatigue and give you a real energy boost!

Make these simple changes in your diet to deliver real energy and fight fatigue!

SWITCH to SUPER CARBS:   There’s no disputing how satisfying starchy carbs like bagels, rice and pasta can be when you are stressed and looking for some comfort food. Unfortunately though, these foods are hard to control when you are tired and hungry and lead to more problems with energy crashes and weight gain.

Instead, switch out starch with superfood-carbs! Try quinoa and buckwheat which are not only satisfying but are complete plant sources of protein, rich in antioxidants, bio-available minerals and fiber which give you a slow-carb energy stream with real staying power to fight fatigue and replete your body with nutrients.

The SECRET to CITRUS:  What’s better than sunshine to greet the day and boost our feel good hormones?  Look to choosing sunny citrus which is packed with natural fructose energy, vitamin C, flavinoids, and pectin fiber which helps you utilize the plant sugars slowly and healthfully over straight sweets like candy, soda and other sweets.

Citrus and pineapple also pack goodies for your metabolism that can temper appetite (synephrine), encourage fat burning (narigenin), calm down inflammation (limonene) and boost norepinephrine a brain chemical that will rev you up.

POWER-UP with PROTEIN:  Get the skinny on lean protein for energy and fatigue fighting. Protein delivers on mental alertness, controls appetite and helps to regulate metabolism.

Lean red meat, poultry and fish contains needed trace minerals like iron and zinc which are absolutes for making sure your cells can make the energy it needs, complete amino acids to make energy balancing hormones and to improve focus and mental clarity.

KICK DOWN CAFFEINE: Quick caffeine jolts may seem like an easy way to combat fatigue but it works against natural energy reserves and will wear you down in the long run. Overloading with caffeine will lead to more fatigue, irritability and dependency.  Try reducing your overall intake and swapping out mega caffeine doses and energy drinks for other healthy energy boosters.

Shoot for lower dose caffeine shots and alternates that also contain nutrients.  Try green tea with antioxidants and catechins, yerba mate with theophylline and theobromine a mild stimulant or panax ginseng that contains terpenes a whole body therapeutic stimulant.

WHOLE FOOD THERAPY: Finally, there’s no energy shortage in sight when you build your meals with a whole food diet.

Look to natural energy in sweet potatoes, berries, mushrooms, leeks, nuts and other veggies, and dark chocolate. These foods boost your energy with plant sugars, control the release due to fiber and also dose you with vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals to correct a low nutrient diet, boost your overall energy level and fight fatigue once and for all!

Watch me discuss this topic on CBS Philly, too.

Eat Healthy!  Be Happy!

Nicolette M. Pace

Foods that Help Fight Colds! Nicolette Pace’s Superfood Stirfry on CBS New York

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Forget multiple trips to the pharmacy this winter to fight colds! Reach into your pantry to create a delicious dish packed full of ingredients to help fight nasty colds and flus. Nutritionist Nicolette Pace was back on CBS 2’s In the Kitchen this morning to make a stirfry dish packed full of ingredients high in vitamin C and have cold/immune system enhancing properties! Get the recipe here or watch the video above to learn how to make this yummy and immune-healthy meal.