Bad Mood Foods! Listen In As Nicolette Pace Talks On Fox News Radio

Are you in a bad mood?  You’re not alone! Listen in as Fox News Radio personality Alan Colmes gets advice from Nicolette Pace on how food can alter your mood.

Nicolette Pace Talks Foods That Make You Angry on CBS New York

Check out my recent segment on CBS New York where I discuss how to avoid bad mood foods. You’ll be surprised what foods can cause irritability, anxiety and even aggression! Eat Healthy!  Be Happy! Nicolette M. Pace

Foods & Anger: Lose Your Short Fuse!

If you’re in a bad mood can you blame the food? Yes it’s true, growing research over the last two decades has linked food and nutrition to anger and aggression. While these findings are controversial they have also paved the way for new and promising ways to help us temper our tongues, reverse our rage, […]