Food Cures for Spring Fever

spring fever

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Feed a cold? Yes! Starve a fever? Maybe.

When it comes to Spring Fever, it’s all about feeding your health and lifestyle right!

The right foods can make all the difference.

Are you feeling restless? Anxious? Excited? Energetic? Sexy?

Well, you’re not alone.

It’s very real.  Research has been exploring a link between daylight and how we feel and act.

Spring’s arrival marks a rapid increase in day length. It’s noticeable and eagerly welcomed.

Underneath this seasonal euphoria are hormone balance changes which can lead to greater energy and motivation, a positive outlook and less of a need to be a couch potato. Specifically, melatonin and serotonin are two hormones that are tied to day length and have been shown to be instrumental in how we feel and act.  It seems they are the real culprits behind Spring Fever.

Melatonin helps regulate our sleeping and awake cycle and it decreases with increased light. On the flip side, serotonin rises and this usually sparks motivation, energy, and an overall good feeling.

Sounds great but its not a done deal.

Between our 24/7 lifestyle and “eat it now, ask questions later” diets  we need all the support we can get!   Additionally, Spring’s abrupt hormone changes can reek havoc on our sleep cycle, appetite, activity, and yes, libido in ways that can lead to burn out, over indulgence, injury and relationship outcomes that may have you say, ” I wish I hadn’t done that!”.

On the flip side, cloudy Spring days may further confuse our moods and give us a bad case of the blahs. What better time to harness our wayward food choices and eating patterns?  Its a great time to maximize nature’s gift of motivation to renew our health and outlook,  tone our bodies and embrace the season to jumpstart wellness.

Wondering what foods you should be eating right now? Check out my recent appearance on CBS NY where I discuss the best food cures for Spring Fever!

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Click here to watch my segment!

Eat Healthy! Be Happy!


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