30 Foods You Should Eat More of Once You Turn 30

magnesium-foods.jpgThe time around your 30’s is probably full of career growth, family growth…and waistline growth! Combat weight gain and lay a groundwork for a longer, stronger life by adding healthy foods to your diet that can help you feel younger and live longer. Read the full article on Eat This, Not That! where I’m interviewed on the topic.

Eat Healthy! Be Happy!

Curb Your Cravings

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Cravings can strike at any time and wreck your diet progress. Next time you are in the market for a tempting treat, stop and see if these techniques can help you to stay on track so you can outsmart your cravings.

1. Get Physical: When you move it you lose it. Physical activity is number one for curbing cravings. Exercise is on the same pleasure pathway as food. When you move your body, you take in oxygen and release feel-good brain chemicals. This gives you immediate appetite and craving control..so you can forget that 100 calorie cookie!

2.Go Healthy: Your hungry and you may not know it. Why not plan for what your body needs by eating healthy food to keep hunger at bay.  A well balanced meal will fill you up with delicious and nutritious healthy food so plan to eat at routine intervals for cravings management!

3. Indulge a little: Instead of the typically diet taboos, a little diet bump that incorporates a tasty treat goes a long way to curb cravings. Forbidden food makes eating all the more appealing. Neutralize the desire to overdo it with a little satisfaction with a controlled indulgence to keep cravings at bay.

4.Distract not React:  When all else fails it’s time to break out the heavy hardware.  The world is calling you to eat so  distraction techniques can be your solution and best friend!  Disrupt your brain circuitry with an abrupt stimulus like forehead tapping or washing your mouth out with peppermint. This helps you escape  quickly and gives you back piece of mind instead of a piece of cake!

Take a look at my recent segment on CBS 2 HD where you can see Irene, one of our clients, talk about how she works through nagging cravings by using these techniques for a complete health transformation.

Eat Healthy! Be Happy!

Eat Like a Baby & Lose Weight:The Baby Diet Goes Viral


Should we be taking diet and eating cues from our baby? It may sound strange, but small children usually eat healthy, well balanced meals and appropriate portions for their size.  I recently appeared on News 4 Jax in Jacksonville to discuss how eating like a toddler can help you lose weight, and things you can do to mirror your children’s diet to live a healthier, happier lifestyle. You can watch the segment here, or check out my advice on ABC News,  Daily Mail and Mother Nature Network.

Nicolette Sets the Pace on How to Curb Rapid Eating with CBS NY

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How fast you eat impacts how much you eat. In fact studies show that it’s worth your while to put the brakes on fast eating to help control portions so you can lose weight.

Eating fast is one of the most common habits people with weight problems face. Even though the body has an intricate signaling system to alert you as to when you’ve had enough, a 24/7 lifestyle can override these subtle suggestions and you end up wolfing down your meal.

Given these findings, a reasonable argument can be made for boosting your natural stop eating signals. While medications to help your gut hormones send out stronger messages and enhance satiety are under investigation, you could turn to technology for a drug free solution.

Innovative gadgets that promise to help you slow down your eating pace so that nature can take over are available. Whether you choose a beeping fork or a wristband that counts your bites, real time data and feedback on your habit can help you curb countless calories when you stop and savor your meal.

Take a look at my recent segment with CBS NY where I review these tools in action and see if taking matters into your own hand with mindful eating can reset the pace can for a new you!

Eat Healthy! Be Happy!

Nicolette Pace Maps out Top Metabolism Boosters For CBS NY

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Keeping pace with a slowing metabolism may come with the territory when it comes to aging but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are ways to boost a sluggish metabolism and gain an edge over calorie burning, improve muscle performance and fight belly fat while achieving hormonal and mental balance.  Take a look as I map out the details for CBS NY and check out my top diet and lifestyle picks below where you can learn how about proven methods to fire up your metabolism.


Kick Your Metabolism into High Gear


Kick your metabolism up a notch or two and increase your calorie needs by conditioning your body’s energy factory with these diet and lifestyle tips. Put some TLC into your food choices and activities and you will soon see improvements in your energy, appetite, weight control and overall well being.

1) Bioactivate Your Body:

Some foods are natural metabolic boosters due to their key nutrients and unique plant chemicals which provide specialized support for a vigorous metabolism. Look to add garlic, chili, ginger, tumeric, cinnamon, horseradish, black pepper and fennel seeds for a healthy chemical profile that can include antioxidant polyphenols and carotenoids, sulfur, nitrogen and alkaloids that makes these ingredients super-metabolic. The heat they give off can give you a 20% increase in your metabolic rate for 30 minutes and they taste great!

2)Pump up with Protein:

Peak performance and endurance is impossible without nutrients from carbohydrates, fat and protein but when it comes to which nutrient can deliver a one-two punch to your metabolism, protein is a knock out!  It is not only critical for muscle support and growth but protein activates the body’s metabolic furnace by firing up natural heat energy as food protein converts to muscle and other body tissues. In fact, you’ll get an overall 30% increase in your metabolism when you include high quality egg or whey protein, meat, poultry and seafood choices or starchy vegetarian proteins like beans, lentils, quinoa and buckwheat into your meal.

3) Make the Caffeine Connection:

Easily our go to source but so frequently abused. While caffeine does increase metabolism by raising heart rate and is a key ingredient in sports nutrition for proven performance enhancement and endurance, it is a therapeutic chemical so choose your sources and consumption wisely. Give it a shot pre-workout to get the same boost as athletes expect and give your palate a rest from calorie laden coffee or energy beverages  by trying super savvy caffeine sources. Matcha green tea and Yerba mate contain polyphenols quercetin and catechins which put these  square in your metabolic box.

4) Heat Up Your Health:

Whatever the weather, there’s an easy way to experience a metabolic boost from exposing and conditioning yourself to over the top temperatures like heat or cold.  Hydrotherapy (hot-cold water therapy), polar plunges, saunas, steam rooms and outdoor activities are healthy ways to increase calorie burning by encouraging brown fat tissue activity. These techniques force your body to metabolically adapt to temperature changes. This also strengthens your body’s immune and circulatory systems improving your overall health as your body works hard to maintain its core temperature.

5) Rebalance Your Metabolic Mind

Activate your metabolism by conditioning your mind to induce positive thoughts via imagery, mediation, and physical activities that are designed to improve mental outlook as they stimulate positive physiologic improvements.  Scientifically proven benefits are yours for the taking when you perform  yoga or martial arts like Tai Chi, Akido and Qigong on a regular basis.  These can rebalance your body’s hormonal signaling and decrease stresssed out cortisol levels which are associated with excess body fat. This also elevates adiponectin   levels in your fat cells which kicks your metabolism into high gear!

Eat Healthy! Be Happy!
Nicolette Pace

New Year, New You! Watch Nicolette on CBS with 2014’s Newest Diet Trends

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 8.46.29 PMThe number one New Year’s resolution for many people is to lose weight and in 2014, there are a slew of diets that offer to help. Tonight, I appeared on CBS New York to talk about five of the hottest trends in diets. From weight loss programs that focus on ancient recipes to meal plans that claim to boost your love life, 2014 is full of new diets to try out. Watch below as I discuss and debunk some of the latest diet crazes.

The M Plan: Replacing one meal a day for two weeks with just mushrooms. Katy Perry and Kelly Osborne are fans of this new diet fad.
Alkaline Diet: Staying away from foods that produce harmful acidity, which helps your body balance out its PH level. It’s been reported that Victoria Beckham is trying out this diet.
The Sex Diet: Foods that boost your mood and help you lose weight at the same time.
Ancient Grains Diet: Cooking with ancient grains such as spelt, amaranth, quinoa, millet and kamut.
Carb Cycling Diet: A low/no-carbohydrate diet with intermittent periods of high or moderate carbohydrate consumption.

Eat Healthy!  Be Happy!

Nicolette M. Pace

Nicolette on CBS with Winter Diet Tips

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Baby its cold outside! Instead of sweating the inevitable reality of shorter days and frigid temps why not face the season head on with these Winter Diet and Lifestyle Tips that may make you shiver but end up helping you to build a better body and get through the coldest part of the year.

I was up before dawn to appear on CBS to share my views on how you can make the most out of the season to improve your health and avoid winter weight gain. Check out these tips on how to make them work for you!

5 Ways Winter Works For Weight Loss & Good Health


1)  Hydrotherapy for Health: No need for expensive spas when you can enjoy the benefits right at home.  Hot-cold water therapy is an effective way to condition your circulation and improve your body’s natural defenses. It’s an incredible pick me up and helps to increase calorie burning by encouraging energy burning brown fat tissue activity and “metabolic adaptation,” as the body revs up to maintain core temperature. Take a hot shower or soak in a therapeutic herbal bath (Juniper, Eucalyptus, Rosemary oils or salts) and then either venture outdoors in a robe to feel the fresh cold air or practice alternating hot, cool, cold water flows in the shower to feel invigorated.

2)  Hold Out on Hibernation:  If you turn up the heat and keep your home too warm you can feed into sluggish, sleepy habits, hit the couch and conserve calories. This will put the brakes on energy burning and weight you could lose by not letting yourself habituate and adapt to cooler temps. Try lowering the heat to 60 degrees for few hours to gain a metabolic advantage and help you get used to colder outside temperatures. Being outside in the cold for a few hours can raise your metabolic rate as much as 15% which can translate into 200-300 calories extra per day!

3)   Polar Plunges: You’ve seen the excitement surrounding an exhilarating New Years Day cold water plunge! Those who’ve achieved fitness and braved the weather to greet the season will tell you how amazing it feels. For those uninitiated or not yet ready, you can train your body to feel the benefit of cold water therapy and look to enrich your immune system, circulation and your quality of life. Try cold water therapies like a cold arm bath, leg and knee effusions, water treading or cold limb compresses. They are therapeutic and will decrease inflammation and pain, help to tone your system and improve blood pressure.

4)  Winter Foods For Fitness: Fat and fiber are among the season’s best defenses when it comes to planning your cold weather menu.  Tone down the carbs and sweets and bring up the protein and fiber with natural whole foods that are rich sources of insulating and nourishing fats, probiotics, vitamins and plant chemicals. Take a lesson from Nordic countries where a stark contrast in obesity rates (12 %) versus the U.S. (36%) is observed.  Food faves include Swiss Muesli, sprouted rye bread, stone ground cornmeal, hemp seed, berries, Skyr (Icelandic yogurt), fatty fish like herring, sardines, salmon or haddock. Turn nourishing root veggies like turnips, parsnips, rutabagas into a rejuvenating winter soup to soothe your soul. .

5)  Let it Snow: Let the kid in you come out and play! You can make snow a big part of your winter exercise regimen. From skating, sledding, snowboarding, snowshoeing and skiing to neighborhood norms of shoveling and snowman making, these activities get you out into the fresh air and average 300-600 calories per hour. Explore new outdoor adventures and take a cue from nature as it rejuvenates and gets ready for new season of growth. Yes, before you know it, Spring is around the corner!

Eat Healthy! Be Happy!

Nicolette M. Pace


Aging Breakthrough! Listen In…


New research can help you to understand how to fight aging from the inside out.

Beauty is skin deep but DNA damage is on a cellular level. It’s important to understand how to recognize the top aging offenders and how to develop the discipline to build a healthy daily routine that will keep you young and vibrant.

Listen in to my interview with the Town of North Hempstead Project Independence Radio Show as I dispel the myths and describe what it takes to improve your health once and for all.