The Benefits of Pineapple


Pineapple is the summer gift that keeps on giving.

Pineapple packs goodies for your metabolism that can temper appetite, encourage fat burning and calm down inflammation. Not to mention it can eliminate acne while the skins can strengthen (and thicken) hair and nails – even aid with digestion. Try making tea or juice from the skins to reap these rewards, but for a few more ready-to-use options, see our product picks below.

I was interviewed for Huda Beauty on the benefits of pineapple. You can read the full article here.

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30 Foods You Should Eat More of Once You Turn 30

magnesium-foods.jpgThe time around your 30’s is probably full of career growth, family growth…and waistline growth! Combat weight gain and lay a groundwork for a longer, stronger life by adding healthy foods to your diet that can help you feel younger and live longer. Read the full article on Eat This, Not That! where I’m interviewed on the topic.

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Nicolette Pace Dishes on The Wrinkle Diet with ABC Action News

women-body-back_300 You know that carrots, tomatoes and red grapefruit are good for your health, but did you also know they are good for your skin? There’s a plethora of delicious foods that I like to call “skin super foods” because they contain compounds that can improve your complexion within 30 days. You may think twice on what foods to pick up next time you’re cruising down the produce aisle! Watch and learn as I discuss the best anti-aging foods with ABC Action News in Tampa:

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Nicolette Pace Takes The Sunshine State By Storm Talking Foods That Fight Aging

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It’s easy to look and feel great when you choose the right foods that will fight aging from the inside out! Look to a spectrum of foods that contain powerful age-reversing chemicals that can roll back the clock on your appearance, restore youth and decrease your risk of many diseases associated with advancing age. I brought this message down to sunny Florida where the search for the fountain of youth began. Check out my appearances on Fox Orlando, NBC Daytime and WJXT Jacksonville to learn how you can ACE your way to a younger you!

Eat Healthy!  Be Happy!

Nicolette M. Pace

Nicolette on CBS with Winter Diet Tips

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Baby its cold outside! Instead of sweating the inevitable reality of shorter days and frigid temps why not face the season head on with these Winter Diet and Lifestyle Tips that may make you shiver but end up helping you to build a better body and get through the coldest part of the year.

I was up before dawn to appear on CBS to share my views on how you can make the most out of the season to improve your health and avoid winter weight gain. Check out these tips on how to make them work for you!

Feel the Power of Honey


Feel the Power of Honey…

Right out of the pages of New Beauty magazine, honey is hot and hits the ABC radio airwaves with the lowdown on how this ancient sugar blows away many foods for a total whole health benefit. Listen in as I describe the versatile nutritional and beauty aspects that can be yours when you work it in to your diet and skin care regime.

Aging Breakthrough! Listen In…


New research can help you to understand how to fight aging from the inside out.

Beauty is skin deep but DNA damage is on a cellular level. It’s important to understand how to recognize the top aging offenders and how to develop the discipline to build a healthy daily routine that will keep you young and vibrant.

Listen in to my interview with the Town of North Hempstead Project Independence Radio Show as I dispel the myths and describe what it takes to improve your health once and for all.

How can sugar age your skin?

It has to do with a process called glycation. This is a radical chemical process that attaches glucose (sugar) to either a protein or fat in the body.  When it attaches to protein, what’s formed is called an advanced glycated end product or AGE.  These AGEs wreak havoc in our systems.

Eating too much sugar can supercharge this chemical reaction and cause your skin to age prematurely. You can see signs of wrinkles, sagging or discoloration before your time.  Try to keep sugar to 10% or less of your total calorie needs.  This means you should be aware of how frequently you use sweets.  Reserve them for a special occassion instead of making them part of your daily diet.

Remember that what is showing up on the outside may tell you what is happening on the inside.  Look toward a diet that is low in AGEs.  These include following the American Heart Association Diet, the DASH diet or the plant-emphasized Mediterranean diet. You can enjoy lots of healthy and delicious foods and lower the aging load on your skin and you!