Nicolette’s Bio

Nicolette M. Pace MS, RDN, CDE, CBC,CDN, CFCS ,FAND

Nicolette founded NutriSource Inc. in 2002 to provide high quality education, counseling and nutrition services for a diverse community population. She believes in emphasizing a holistic approach toward food, nutrition and preventative healthcare.

She is accomplished presenter, both on and off camera, and writer whose work has been featured in countless print, online and television venues that include: CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox News,the New York Times, Seventeen, Fitness, Men’s Journal, More, Dr. Oz, Everyday Health, AOL, IVillage, Health, Shape and Obesity Help magazines. She is also a contributing writer for Minerva Place, as well as an adjunct professor of Nutrition at CUNY and Touro Colleges. She offers insight into the field of nutrition and health as a media spokesperson for the New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Prior to founding NutriSource Inc, Nicolette served as Director of Clinical Nutrition at the NYHQ/Silvercrest Center where she provided both administrative and direct care for sub-acute and chronically ill patients. She was a key member of performance improvement projects and as Chair of the Nutrition Committee; significant positive changes were made in the standard of care.  Her experiences there led her to bring the wellness message to people who are still able to live independently, so that they may tackle the chronic conditions that lead to a loss in the quality of life.

With that, Nicolette is trained and certified in many areas that directly impact and provide effective nutrition therapy, behavior and lifestyle counseling. She has a loyal following and reputation of delivering results in weight loss and the reversal of many medical conditions that are diet and lifestyle related. This is the essence of helping people cope with necessary self-care and provide them with the tools to be able to live life to its fullest.

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