How can sugar age your skin?

It has to do with a process called glycation. This is a radical chemical process that attaches glucose (sugar) to either a protein or fat in the body.  When it attaches to protein, what’s formed is called an advanced glycated end product or AGE.  These AGEs wreak havoc in our systems.

Eating too much sugar can supercharge this chemical reaction and cause your skin to age prematurely. You can see signs of wrinkles, sagging or discoloration before your time.  Try to keep sugar to 10% or less of your total calorie needs.  This means you should be aware of how frequently you use sweets.  Reserve them for a special occassion instead of making them part of your daily diet.

Remember that what is showing up on the outside may tell you what is happening on the inside.  Look toward a diet that is low in AGEs.  These include following the American Heart Association Diet, the DASH diet or the plant-emphasized Mediterranean diet. You can enjoy lots of healthy and delicious foods and lower the aging load on your skin and you!

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