Nicolette Pace Featured On Fox & Friends

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Our favorite salads aren’t always the best option when trying to eat healthy. Check out my segment on Fox & Friends to learn the scary truth about the salads we love. Eat Healthy, Be Happy! Nicolette Pace

Popular Salads Can Be Nutritional Losers


You can call it another chapter in the  unhealthy “health food” saga, where a seemingly good for you and harmless diet food like salad can be turned upside down by either a fast food giant or by a restaurant who aims to please our insatiable appetite for value based large portions. These favorite popular salads that are […]

10 Foods that Bust Belly Fat


By Nicolette M. Pace MS,RD,CDE,CDN,CFCS We all recognize how unsightly a misshapen midsection can be and how it can dampen your hope of showing off trim abs and a slender waistline, but do you cover it up and hope it goes away?  Or, do you fight the forces that push that muffin top-beer belly to a […]


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